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Have You Been Neglecting Your Upholstery?

It is true that many people neglect their upholstery, but since you are here, I assume you want to know how to get a good upholstery cleaning in Lincoln NE.  But first, let’s discuss how your upholstered furniture gets dirty and why you may not be that aware of it.

upholstery cleaning in Lincoln NE

Is My Upholstery Really That Dirty?

Most people just don’t realize how soiled their upholstered furniture is and how much dirt, pollen, dust mite feces, pollution, food stuff and the like they are sitting on.

DUST – blowing around in your household air, this gritty material settles in over time onto and into your upholstery.  Then when people sit on the cushions and press up against the arm rests and back, the oils from their skin compress the dirt into the fabric.  At this point the soiling is becoming caked into the fabric where it’s nearly impossible to vacuum.  Of course if you are like many others, you probably don’t take the time to vacuum your furniture very often anyway, making the problem even more significant.

WEAR – Wondering why furniture wears out?  Well, the fabric can wear out because of the grit pressing into the fibers.  This is an abrasive action which scratches and cuts the upholstery fibers.

BACTERIA, GERMS, POLLENS –  Now add to the mix the pollens, dust mites and their feces, crumbs of food, pet accidents and hair that find their way into your upholstery.  When not removed on a regular basis, the byproduct of decaying living materials decomposing is a foul smell often noticed around unkempt furnishings.

BUT IT DOESN’T LOOK THAT DIRTY– It is quite possible that your upholstery doesn’t look all that dirty at first glance.  But don’t be fooled, because today’s fabrics are designed to HIDE dirt with colors, construction and patterns.  Just because it doesn’t show doesn’t mean the dirt is not there.


As explained above, the furniture in active family use needs frequent cleaning to allow for a healthy home environment as well as to keep the furniture in good condition and prevent wear.  If you have kids and pets I recommend calling one of the the top up upholstery cleaners Lincoln NE at least twice a year (I’m referring to Dry Advantage Carpet Care of course).  If you are retired, no kids or pets and don’t eat on the furniture you might find cleaning your upholstery  every couple of years is good.

For good upholstery cleaning in Lincoln NE …

you should call a professional cleaning service.  Dry Advantage Carpet Care will clean your furniture using the appropriate cleaning agents, equipment, techniques and tools to ensure a proper cleaning and sanitizing of your upholstery.  Be aware that trying to do it yourself or spot clean can cause permanent damage as some fabrics are delicate.

Don’t forget the protectant.  To complete a good upholstery cleaning, apply protectant to make it more difficult for spills and spots to penetrate into the fibers and cause permanent color change and damage.  Although some furniture have had fabric protectant applied prior to purchase, this protective coating will degrade over time with use and must be re-applied regularly to maintain it’s protective properties.

Dry Advantage Carpet Care provides very good chair cleaning and sofa cleaning in Lincoln NE and surrounding communities.  Our prices are quite reasonable as well.

Call for an Upholstery Cleaning Lincoln NE Estimate: (402)890-1973.

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 Posted on : August 7, 2014