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3 R Reduce Reuse Recycle

Here’s a quick look at what I like to call the 3 R’s of carpet cleaning which can lead to a longer life for your carpet and less expense for you in the long run.  Not only that, following this practice is good for the environment.


Reduce:  We can reduce the wear and tear on our carpets byremoving our shoes in the home, vacuuming often, and professionally (and properly) cleaning every 6-12 months. These preventative measures extend the life of carpet and reduce the frequency of replacing carpet.

Reuse:  Recently there has been a real trend with many of my clients cleaning more frequently. Where as 5 years ago they were replacing the carpet, today they are reusing what they have by maintaining a good cleaning schedule.

Recycle:  When your carpet finally does wear out – how about recycling it? Find out all about how you can at www.carpetrecovery.org.  This website is run by the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) and is a joint industry-government effort to reduce the amount of carpet going into our landfills. You’ll find all the information you need to participate on the website.

At Dry Advantage Carpet Care you will find value and quality cleaning that will extend the life of your carpet and restore it’s beauty so you don’t have to think about replacing/recycling your carpet for a long, long time.


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 Posted on : August 7, 2014
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