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Carpet Cleaning Lincoln

Proudly Serving The Lincoln Area Since 2003


Our Carpet Cleaning Process

At Dry Advantage Carpet Care, we want your carpet cleaning service in Lincoln NE and vicinity to be the best possible and  we know how important it is to restore your carpet to the best condition possible.  That is why we use hot water extraction, (also known as steam carpet cleaning) the method of carpet cleaning recommended by all the major carpet manufacturers.  Our process also differs from many other carpet cleaners in Lincoln in that we take advantage of significant agitation of the carpet fibers to loosen soiling for better results.  And because of the powerful system vacuum and extra drying measures taken, your carpet will be dry and ready for your use again very quickly.

Carpet Cleaning | Lincoln

Certification Is Important

There are many different types of carpet and rugs, so it is best if your cleaning technician is IICRC certified.  As the owner / operator of Dry Advantage Carpet Care, I always keep my certification up to date by attending the requisite multi-day training sessions and examinations.  Also, our cleaning firm is certified, so we follow a code of ethics for service to our customers which includes being insured and using only certified technicians.  You really only want to use a certified firm if you plan getting the  best carpet cleaning in Lincoln, NE. There is much to learn about carpet cleaning, more than you might think.  There are many types of carpet, as demonstrated here.  Additionally there is much to know about proper cleaning methods, technique, spot removal, pet stain treatment, odor treatment and so on. [ez_two]     cleantrust certified cleaner logo      [/ez_two] [ez_two_last]


        [/ez_two_last] These are the certification logos you should see when working with a certified firm.

Our Prices For Carpet Cleaning In Lincoln, NE and Vicinity

Prices for carpet cleaning are based on the size of the areas to be cleaned, the number of stairs, etc.  If you provide us with approximate measurements of the areas or the total square feet we can give you an estimate.  We can give you a carpet audit and exact quote by coming to your home, taking measurements and discussing your needs in more detail.  If you reside outside of Lincoln, NE there may be a small trip charge to help recover our additional costs for travel time and gas usage.   We will normally provide service to customers within about 25 miles of our location.  See Communities Served at the bottom of the page. Additionally, we offer three carpet cleaning pricing packages (stairs priced separately):

    Silver Package

    $.30 per sfBasic Thorough Cleaning
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-treat spots
  • Pre-spray and agitate
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Fan Dry As Able

    Gold Package

    $.40 per sfCleaning & Protection
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-treat spots
  • Pre-spray and agitate
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Protectant Application
  • Final Grooming
  • Fan Dry As Able
  • Free Spot Remover
  • Free Shoe Covers

    Platinum Package

    $.50 per sfClean/Protect/Sanitize
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-treat spots
  • Pre-spray and agitate
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Protectant Application
  • DeodorizerApplication
  • Final Grooming
  • Fan Dry As Able
  • Free Spot Remover
  • Free Shoe Covers


  • Our Silver Package is for our basic, thorough cleaning.  This includes our full service cleaning procedure.
  • Our Gold Package is cleaning plus carpet protectant.  This is bundled such that you get 1/3 off the standard price when you protect all areas cleaned.  We make this very affordable and it is really important to re-apply protectant to your carpet to help it last longer and to make it easier to clean and remove spots and spills.
  • Our Platinum Package is cleaning plus protectant plus sanitizer / deodorizer.  Again a great value and useful to neutralize odors from smoking, pets issues, mildew, etc.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Procedure Includes:

  • Furniture moving in accordance with client’s needs and/or cleaning package chosen *
  • Vacuum carpet with HEPA filtered vacuum
  • Spot cleaning of difficult spots**
  • Pre-conditioning spray of areas, especially spotting and traffic areas to loosen stubborn soiling
  • Agitation pre-treatment to loosen soiling
  • Hot water extraction cleaning
  • Second pass extraction for extra cleaning and drying
  • High speed fan drying where possible to speed the drying process
  • Carpet protectant and/or sanitizer when selecting our Gold or Platinum Cleaning Package

* Minimal extra charges may apply for furniture moving with our basic service Silver Cleaning Package or for significant moving of furniture. ** Extra charges may apply for heavy soiling and spotting or special stain or problem treatments due to extra time and cleaning agents required. We guarantee your total satisfaction, so you have nothing to lose.  In fact, I may be the best carpet cleaner in Lincoln, NE.  Of course, that is rather subjective and I don’t like to brag.  But look at the testimonials below and you will see that many of my clients think highly of our Lincoln carpet cleaning company.

Some of our many client comments...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our

Carpet Cleaning Services In Lincoln


1. What are your hours of operation?

Calendar and clockGenerally 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Saturday by appointment. We generally answer phone calls up to about 8:00 PM. Leave a voice mail if we miss your call and we will call back shortly.

2. How much does it cost to clean?

Money HouseCarpet cleaning– please call 402-890-1973 for a phone estimate based on room sizes (we price by square feet).  We will have to ask a few questions to give you an idea.  If you measure the areas to be cleaned or give us an approximation, we will try to give you a good idea of the cost. Would also need the number of stairs if that is to be included. An exact quote can be provided by an in home or on site visit to measure and perform a carpet audit to better determine your needs and the condition of the carpet. 

3. How do I schedule an appointment?

red phoneThe simplest way is call us anytime at 402-890-1973.  The phone is usually answered live during normal work hours and most evenings until about 8pm.  Please leave a message in voicemail with your phone number if we miss your call and we will call you back as soon as possible.

4. What method do you use to clean carpet?

We clean using hot water extraction to provide a thorough deep down clean.  This is the method recommended by the major carpet manufacturers.

5. If I clean my carpet, will it get dirty again faster?Bucket & Sponge

No.  We pre-condition your carpet then clean with a synthetic detergent in hot water that rinses away the soiling without leaving a residue.

6. Will the cleaning chemicals you use harm me or my children or pets?

No.  The cleaning solutions we use are registered with the E.P.A. as safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

7. Doesn’t hot water extraction cleaning leave my carpet wet all night?

No.  In some conditions of temperature, humidity and carpet type it can take longer than normal to dry.  Normally, with our process your carpet should be dry in a few hours and even sooner if we are able to dry the areas with our carpet fan.  You can also help by opening windows a bit to lower the humidity inside and turning on your ceiling fans or using your own fans to move the air near the carpet for faster drying.

8. How long does it take to clean my carpet?

stop watchAn average size house with 4 or 5 carpeted rooms and a flight of stairs will take a few hours to clean. Heavily soiled carpet will take a bit longer.

9. I have pet stains, can you remove them from my carpet? And for how much?

We use a urine treatment for dog and cat urine.  It is more successful on newer urine stains, since older stains have already discolored the carpet fiber.  If the areas of concern are few and small, there is generally no additional charge.  For more significant spotting, pet urine stain removal service can run from $10 to $50 or more per room depending on the severity of the stains.  For extensive urine contamination and odor, you may find the only way to correct the problem is to replace the carpet and pad and then clean and seal the subfloor.

10. I have furniture in the rooms I want cleaned, do you move it?dresser

We perform light furniture moving, cost depending on the size of the items being moved, for example a sofa is about $6.00.  Because it does take considerable time and effort to move furniture within a room we are cleaning, it is very helpful if you are able to move out as much of the furniture as possible.  If you want a couple of small pieces moved off the carpet, we may do that for no charge if you can move it back when the carpet dries.  Otherwise, we will clean everywhere we can reach with our cleaning wand and all open spaces.

11.  Are there any additional fees or charges for your service?

The prices we quote you on the phone should provide a good estimate.  We will ask you questions about your carpet to qualify your needs and concerns to get you the right price for your carpet cleaning.  This way there are no surprises when we arrive at your home.  At your home, we will measure the areas to be cleaned to give you an exact price.  If you decide on additional service such as carpet  protectant or sanitizer or have special spotting needs such as wax removal or red stain treatment, we will give you a price for those services.

12.  How soon are you available to clean my carpet?

There are some cases where we can clean your carpet the same day, but usually we can work you into the schedule within a few days to a week.

13.  I work during the day.  How do we get the cleaning done?

This is a common situation.  We will try to coordinate this with you the best we can.  Occasionally this is accomplished with late afternoon appointments or Saturday cleaning.  Often we come early to meet with you before you need to leave then lock up when we are done.  Also our clients often give us a garage code so we can get in to clean or just leave a door unlocked for us.

14.  What makes your service different from other carpet cleaning services?

I am the owner/operator of the company since 2003 with extensive carpet cleaning  experience.  I truly care about restoring your carpet to its best possible condition.  Unlike larger companies, my performance directly affects my business and my life.  If I do a bad job, I could not stay in business.  I also am IICRC certified and have more training and experience than most employee technicians that come into your home.  I enjoy developing long-term relationships with my clients that are beneficial for everyone.

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 Posted on : July 31, 2014