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Specializing In Residential Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In The Lincoln Area

Why Choose Dry Advantage Carpet Care?

  • Owner Operated – you get professional, personalized and caring service so you have no worries.
  • “The Most Thorough Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen or It’s FREE!” – our guarantee to you
  • Dries Fast – we use hot water extraction for the best deep cleaning, but your carpet will dry fast with our process
  • Exact Appointments – we are good about showing up on time and will call ahead if we ever get off schedule
  • No Dirt Attracting Residue – our process leaves your carpet & upholstery sparkling clean with no residue – stays clean longer
  • Safe for Kids & Pets – carpet and upholstery cleaning process is non-toxic and safe

From the Owner of Dry Advantage Carpet Care 

Rod Kramer, Owner of Dry Advantage Carpet Care

Rod Kramer

Looking for the best carpet cleaning in Lincoln, NE? If you are new to our site, that probably means that you are searching for someone you can trust to do a great carpet cleaning job for you.  Or maybe your furniture is looking a bit dingy and you are searching for professional upholstery cleaning in Lincoln.  Or perhaps you are here searching for top rug cleaning in Lincoln.

I’m convinced that you are at the right place to hire the top residential carpet, rug and upholstery cleaner in Lincoln. I am biased of course, and there are many other carpet cleaners in Lincoln to choose from. But I truly feel that our carpet cleaning service provides as good a value as you will find in the area. Now by value, I don’t mean to imply that we are the cheapest in the area. As I am sure you know, when you buy the cheapest of anything you can’t expect to be getting the best.

That being said, I am often told that our prices are very reasonable and the cleaning and service much better than that provided by other carpet and upholstery cleaning companies they had tried before.

With many other professional carpet cleaning services in Lincoln, you may find yourself setting an appointment with someone you feel you can trust after asking a few questions, but when it is time for the cleaning it is not the same person who shows up at your home. Then it is too late, and you are letting someone into your home that you are less than comfortable with.

I have been the sole owner and operator of Dry Advantage Carpet Care for well over a decade now. When you schedule your cleaning with us, I will be the one you talk with and I will be showing up to do your cleaning. I’m an IICRC certified carpet cleaner and an IICRC certified upholstery cleaner. Our company is also an IICRC Certified firm. This means that I have been properly trained to care for your carpet and upholstered furniture.

I value my clients and as the owner / operator, I work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction and take great care in your home and around your furnishings. Please give me a call so I can answer any questions that you may have.  I look forward to meeting and working for you soon.

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Dry Advantage Carpet Care Qualifications

Owner: Rod Kramer

Certifications:  IICRC Certified Cleaner in Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

Experience:  Owner and Operator since 2003

Dry Advantage Carpet Care is an IICRC Certified Firm

Member of Ethical Services (see www.EthicalServices.com)


Our Value Pricing Model

Carpet cleaning companies price in so many different ways, it is hard to compare. The truth is when we invest wisely, we get what we pay for. If you go with the cheapest company you can find, you’ll most likely get a big sales pitch and a little bit of cleaning. It only makes sense that the cheapest company has to cut costs by using cheap cleaning agents and will spend as little time as possible cleaning your carpet and furniture so they can move on to the next job.

We prefer to provide a thorough cleaning at a fair price even though it takes a little longer. This makes the client happier and more likely to call us again the next time they need their carpet cleaned. This also results in more referrals to family and friends and we really like that. For more specifics on pricing, check out our prices for carpet cleaning in Lincoln  to find out what we need to know to give you a solid estimate over the phone.

How Do You Know You Can Trust Dry Advantage Carpet Care?

guarantee seal - blue

Hopefully you took a moment to read some of the testimonials on the sidebar of this page.  We have many such rave reviews on file from our clients.  This is the best measure of what you can expect when you invite us into your home.

Please take a look around our website and see what we have to offer.  We are confident that we are one of the best carpet cleaners in Lincoln NE and we look forward to proving it to you.

We want you to feel comfortable about your decision to do business with us.  In our Carpet Cleaning section of this site you will find our “Insider’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning”.  This informative guide will point out the 7 mistakes to avoid when hiring a carpet cleaner, the 6 costly misconceptions about carpet cleaning and much more.

You may also want to check out this short video below from Angie’s List on “How to Avoid Carpet Cleaning Scams. I am always straight up with my clients, so you won’t have to worry about any of these “bait and switch” tactics.

What Kind of Cleaning Can I Really Expect?


Look, I can’t fix everything, but I will try to give you a good idea of what I can do. Sometimes of course a spot is a permanent stain not just a spot that can be easily washed away. I do employ a number of different specialty spot treatment agents designed to remove many different “stains” from rust and red stains to pet stains, grease and many others.

Traffic Lanes

Also traffic paths can become worn and the carpet fibers scratched and dulled, so cleaning can only be expected to accomplish so much, but I do take extra measures to clean those areas as well as possible.

In Summary

Since my service is designed to be the most thorough, it is not for everybody. If all you want is a quick surface cleaning or the cheapest cleaning you can find, there are plenty of other companies out there that can help you. But if you want a properly and thoroughly cleaned carpet that will be dry fairly soon so you can get on with your life, then we should be a good match for your cleaning needs.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service in Lincoln, NE

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Oriental Rugs Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning Services
  • Vehicle Interior Cleaning (carpet & upholstery, weather permitting)
  • Leather Furniture Cleaning
  • Pet Stain Cleaning
  • Odor Removal Treatment
  • Carpet Protectant Application

Our Service Area

Please see the listing at the bottom of the page for our service area. In general, we will provide carpet cleaning service up to about 25 miles from Lincoln.


For more general information on carpet cleaning methods, etc. you can check out this information on wikepedia.


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